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State Capital Riot In America

As us Americans, along with international people know, there was just recently a violent riot at the DC State Capital. According to sources, the people who had attended the riot were mostly Trump Supporters who organized this protest and riot for their expression of Ex-US President, Donald Trump losing the election. The media has said that the reasoning of this riot was simply because of Trump supposedly saying that his supporters should be able to go out and express themselves, which caused them to protest, even though most Trump Supporting individuals has said that they wasn’t going to riot and cause violence.

When this riot was happening, there have been many photos, videos and sources mentioning that the type of Trump Supporters who had decided to attend this riot during a pandemic of COVID-19 were people who identifies as republicans, conservatives and people who was reported to be part of a White Supremacist group, Proud Boys. There was also people who decided to attend the riot holding up flags such as Trump Flags and Confederate Flags.

A fellow american holding a confederate flag at the DC State Capital Riot
Crowd of Americans holding Trump flags who attended the DC State Capital riot

Many people who believed that this riot was unnecessary and are mostly Anti-trump had reacted to this riot via social media. The most common thing that most American individuals are saying about this riot are basically saying the Trump supporters who was part of this riot were very hypocritical as there are many video evidence of these individuals causing violence amongs the police force, and causing violence amongs the inside of the actual capital building by supposedly breaking in and causing immature actions such as stealing items, sitting at desks like they’re the workers at the capital and playing with the following statues within the building.


I also very much thing that what these Trump Supporters did was very hypocritical. I believe that the majority of Trump supporters were always mainly the ones that talked negatively about the Black Lives Matter protests whenever riots for BLM happens, but then turn around and do the same thing all because they couldn’t accept the fact the Trump lost against Joe Biden. Even though i personally don’t agree with violence in general, I do personally think that the violence that was caused for BLM is more reasonable than the violence at the Capital. BLM people wanted to fight for equality for all races, mostly black people, and wanted to stop police brutality amongs innocent people in America. However, Trump supporters wanted to talk a lot of negativity on it saying the riots were unnecessary but then turn around and do the same thing all because they couldn’t accept the fact that trump lost the election, and yet, these are the same people that also go around saying “Blue Lives Matter”, but caused violence against Blue Lives when they tried to stop the rioters from causing any trouble. let’s be honest though, if it was a group of black people or BLM supporters doing this, physical action from the police would’ve happened a lot more stronger.


I identify as A. Rey, a fellow American who talks about politics, American issues, and any other subject I feel is important to talk on behave of.